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“I wasn’t thinking in terms of “breadth” when it comes to a career path I would like to follow. My sessions opened up a broader spectrum to what was accessible”

“I learnt to consider the wider availability of jobs that my subject choices can provide”

“Undertaking the CareerWave programme made me think I need to be prepared and how unprepared I was before I met them”


Xeed Global partnered with CareerWave UK in 2018 to form CareerWave Middle East which offers a product portfolio of Careers Guidance & Employability services into schools, starting in the UAE. CareerWave ME is a one-stop-shop solution for high school students who require guidance to compete in a competitive changing jobs market. We offer a safe, secure & productive environment for students to thrive in. 96% of employers are looking for students with the right mindset and employability skills, and that’s exactly what we offer, Helping start the student’s journey into their future right!


Personal Guidance: one-to-one, professional, independent and impartial career guidance. Delivered by our team of CDI registered Careers Advisers. Recommended by our current education partners. A virtual/remote alternative is now available to ensure continuity

Assessment Centre: we teach the full suite of Career Guidance and Development qualifications from Level 3 to Level 6. Delivered by experienced careers practitioners. Blended and bespoke learning options are available

Career Learning and Resources: a complete tutorial-based career education programme from Key Stages 3 to 5. Accessed through our new digital Learning Zone, it provides high quality learning and contributes to your stable careers programme

Grofar Management Toolkit: CareerWave is the north-east associate for the award-winning MI system for schools. Make managing your careers programme easy and engage learners.


  • Have a 1 hour 121 personal guidance interview – this is usually with year 10 – year 13 students and can be done remotely online using a platform such as teams or zoom
  • Receive an action plan detailing what has been discussed – where are they now, where do they want to be (options) and what action do they need to take to get there
  • Register on our new learning zone for the career programme – they don’t have to use Grofar for this. This is a tutorial-based programme from year 7-13. Designed to be delivered by tutors (non-career specialists) over 30 min sessions x 9 throughout the year. Learners can also log into the learning zone and look at the programme in their own time.
  • NB – the 121 guidance can be done with or without the careers programme. Generally, we wouldn’t deliver the careers programme – that would be done by a tutor in school.
  • A typical learner (who is doing a guidance qualification with us) would register with us and an Awarding Body (OCR) for their qualification do a series of workshops with us (available face to face or remotely)
  • Have 121 tutorials with us (face to face or remotely)
  • Complete assignments
  • Be observed by us (we are doing this over teams too at the moment)
  • Gain a guidance qualification with us
  • Employability training programme for year 12-13, focus on work experience
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