Xeed’s response to Covid 19

“In the new world of work, security lies not in employment but in employability”

The challenges which the world is facing during the Covid pandemic has changed the way in which we work and apply for jobs. With millions unemployed around the world, It is now more essential than ever to get your CV, job search, networks, and interview skills upskilled.

Our Employability Programme, Skills4Work, CV Clinic is now available both in the classroom and via an online-only version through video link: Xeed Global & NCFE use local labour market experts to deliver the employability programme and although usually delivered face to face in a classroom, due Covid-19 we have been able to deliver the entire offering via an online portal with live tutors providing the same high-quality experience they would have received in a classroom/training room environment. This practical employability programme and qualification has always been something of significant value in getting students ready for the world of work, but in light of recent events, it holds even more significance. We believe employability will play a key role in supporting us in moving forwards and helping us navigate our youth through this unprecedented time and negatively affected economy.

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