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Looking for a job? But thinking about leaving it until after the summer? Well, did you know that organizations particularly in the UAE will use the quiet and hot summer months to look at organizational growth & direction. So, if you are thinking about putting your job search on hold, DON’T! You will most certainly be missing out on lots of job opportunities. It’s a pivotal time that you can use to get ahead of the rest of your competition. To support your journey to success we are offering a summer special of 15% off any CV service. CV’s now starting from as little as 250 AED. Click below for a free CV review.


A professional CV Writing Service based in Dubai, UAE. Xeed Global has over 25 years of experience in employability and CV Writing Services, that are scientifically proven to make you 3x more employable.

What makes us different? We have used research gathered by Harvard University and used this to embed the concept of Mindset in every CV we create, guaranteeing you to get invited in for 5x more interviews than you would have without our intervention

Remember employers will scan your CV for 10 seconds so knowing how to grab their attention quickly is imperative to you finding employment. NB: On average 600 applications are made per job opportunity, so sticking out from the crowd is vital, and we know just how to achieve that for you.

We are able to create content for any industry-specific job role, ensuring our CVs are tailored precisely to your needs. Xeed Global develops all our CVs with all this in mind, this is why 100% of our clients have found work, after working with us.

For your free CV review with one of our employability and CV specialists, please click on the link below.

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