CV Testimonials

“My experience with Xeed had been quite delightful. The process was fast and easy. Most importantly the coaching session with Kim was quite impressive as she explained the points clearly and addressed the queries too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this service to others in future” – Ritika G

“Hi, Kim, Thank you so much for your support, dedication, and help with my employability package! The process was quick, dedicated, and extremely personable. The efforts of yours and the teams’ quick response made the experience seamless. The service you delivered was extremely personable, professional, and faultless. What I liked most was how you got to know me so quickly and your skills of transferring this into my profile – I was mindblown! I will be forever grateful for taking the stress and the pressure off and has given me the confidence to apply for roles and responsibilities outside my comfort zone. Thanks again” – Max S

“My CV has already got so much attention from employers!” – Rashad H

“I only had a years’ experience so I was naturally nervous about finding employment. I worked with Xeed Global on my CV and found employment within 2 weeks!!”- Bri Y

“I have always been worried about putting together a CV, I found the process very confusing. I am so grateful that Xeed Global’s CV Clinic was able to make the process so simple & easy – Noura A

“I am so impressed with my CV I have already recommended this CV service to all my friends” – Mohammed M

“I needed help for my CV to stand out in my PR/Media industry, Xeed made me a CV that was so creative and innovative and they tailored it to what my industry employers would look for. It got so much attention in the first 2 days and I had my first interview lined up with a media company 3 days later, and guess what, I got the job!! I can’t thank them enough for all the help and advice they gave me” -D’orna S

“The messages online for the ‘perfect’ CV were so conflicting, after months of searching and not getting a single interview, I opted to work with Xeed’s CV Clinic as they used a concept and format that seemed to really worked with employers. After using my new CV & LinkedIn profile to speak to employers, I was able to secure my first job in just 3days!!” – Severa

“Thank you Xeed, I was so stressed out, and really didn’t know where to start…I had a template from google but it was getting ignored everywhere I sent it. You really made me realise how to express myself professionally and what the employer actually wants to know about me on the CV. I now have started my new job and am happy” – Farah A

“I feel sorry for anyone that misses out on this service, honestly they just make is so easy!” – Jason DM

“For the price, you cant go wrong, thank you Xeed, I received 4 calls in my first week of sending out my new CV for first stage phone interviews, still looking at my options, but the CV is a winner” – Fiona S

“I am so much more confident networking via my LinkedIn page, it looks amazing and I’m not worried about potential employers viewing it now!” – Ali A

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