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Xeed Global offers dedicated subdivisions that cover an array of areas within employability targeting specific groups, connecting them to the most suitable training, qualifications, and employers. Our subdivisions are devised of:

Our partnerships across the board have added to our expertise in each of these areas. Each division has industry and employability experts, also something that makes our delivery unique and more affective. We have found training is not enough, and linking the labour market to the classroom is what really makes all the difference between someone who will get a job within weeks and someone it may in fact takes years for.

Each of our projects have individual contract and quality assurance managers ensuring that the learner and the client gets the results and reports that they are looking for. Xeed Global currently holds a 98.9% outstanding rating, we are proud that our learners not only get an excellent training service and employment but they enjoy their journey to their goals.

All products and services packages we offer are unique and tailormade, and we will work with our clients to not only fulfill your needs but your budgets also. 

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