Xeed Global strives to give students in the UAE the best head starts to their future in the workplace. We are proud to share some of our student reviews and feedback. *Student names have been removed for confidentiality*

“I had been looking for a job for 2 months after graduating from Murdoch University; I had applied for over 150 jobs in that time, with not a single reply or invitation to interview. I met with Xeed and within 4hours I had an -interview for my dream job and within 6 days started with them!” Student, Murdoch, Dubai

“I have already recommended this CV service to my friends” Student, Al Ain

“After struggling to even get an interview for 3 months I ask Xeed to help me, they changed and improved my CV and created my LinkedIn page and after 4 days I saw my applications get responses and  I started getting interviews. I am now happy in my job that I started, thank you to Xeed for all your help, 5* rated service and product!” Student, Al Ain

“I’m so thankful that you improved my CV and LinkedIn page. Thank you so much” Student, Dubai

“Amazing cv that prepares you for the workplace with confidence” Student, Dubai

“I recommend this service, I have tried one other one in the past, but this one got me my first part time job! thank you Xeed” Student, Sharjah

“I was so confused about where to start on my CV, there are so many different templates on google, I didn’t know which one is right. Kim from Xeed helped me create my own CV with everything that describes my personality and qualifications perfectly. I am so happy with my CV! Thank you” Student, Abu Dhabi

“You made the process so simple and easy. My CV has already got so much attention from employers! Thank you Xeed” Student, Ajman

“Most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. This course helped me understand my potential and helped me grow as an individual. I jumped from having a score of 30% to 70%!” Student, Abu Dhabi

“A real-life’s struggle turned into an enjoyable experience” Student, Abu Dhabi

“The course has really changed my perspective about job search & the job field. I can say that this course was one the most beneficial courses I have ever had” Student, Abu Dhabi

“I believe this course was an essential stepping stone to the world of employability. I’d recommend it for every university student” Student, Abu Dhabi

“Really this course helped me a lot, personally I feel ready to search & enter the job market. I would definitely recommend this course as mandatory for undergraduate students” Student, Abu Dhabi

“This course has inspired me to be a better person, think better and it is highly motivational” Student, Abu Dhabi

“I’m very glad that I had the chance to take this course. It is a great addition to what we students need to learn other than technical skills” Student, Abu Dhabi

“This course is very helpful. I was wondering why the university didn’t offer the course before. I’m happy they do now!” Student, Abu Dhabi

“The course was so fun and helpful and I learned a lot from it about skills, mindsets and interviews & I’m looking forward to tell my friends to take it as well since it played a great role in building my confidence” Student, Abu Dhabi

“I didn’t expect to learn as much as I did. I took this course at first as it was mandatory & new. I have now convinced people who don’t even require the course to take it as an elective.” Student, Abu Dhabi

“I believe this course should be a requirement for all Khalifa University students” Student, Abu Dhabi

“I learned a lot. I was lost and now I know what to do. Thank you so much, with love 😊” Student, Dubai

“An eye-opening experience especially for someone who did not have any work experience. The course made me ready to take the next step after graduation and look for a job” Student, Dubai

“I hope this course must be applied to every college and university. This is very useful for fresh graduate students. The tutor is speaking very clearly and I understand. I like the way the teaching is when she allows the learners to provide feedback in every activity in the course. Finally, thanks Xeed.”

“I learned how I could write a CV and also how to do a good interview, thanks a lot :-).” Student, Oman

“I have learned so many things are important and interesting after graduating, like mindset, how to write a CV in the right way and how to deal with the interview by giving some examples. Thank you :-).”  Student, Oman

“Really informative and engaging. Would recommend to anybody that inspires to better their career and opportunities.” Student, Oman

“Really I got a lot of information and I understand clearly how to write a CV and what the purpose must be when I have interview. All course is clear and nice.” Student, Oman

“Good to learn how to write CV and what we doing in an interview.” Student, Oman

“Hello, I would like to inform you that YES I GOT THE INTERNSHIP POSITION!! And for sure your training gave me the confidence to go and do my best in the interview. “Xeed global training course taught me that success comes with hard work and embracing the values that I have; the training was very informative and inspiring and the CV review helped me to get an internship position” Student, Abu Dhabi

“This session had been a very helpful one and it has shown me how to identify what recruiters see in employees at large. As every student who is overwhelmed and shocked when trying to write his resume for the first time ever, I too was stuck and had no idea how to pull my CV together. However, with the help of Kim and Shelly, I finally have written a draft of my CV that actually looks like a one. They not only have shown me how to write an outstanding CV but also ask myself about myself, after all CV needs to express me not someone I have in mind. I really appreciate your help and how interesting and entertaining your topics remained even to the end of the long day. I hope to see them again and I really am thankful to have taken this training.” Student, Abu Dhabi

“To be honest, there is only one thing to say that I’ve attend the C.V session in the past and I attend your session today, you are significantly better in everything! Literally i didn’t get anything from last one but now I feel I am ready. Also, I told this for the manager in KU. Thank you!” Student, Abu Dhabi

“Very helpful in a way that it teaches more beneficial skills to get employed” Student, Abu Dhabi

“It was fun, the instructors are friendly and their accents were good and understood by everybody. They introduced new stuff that have never been thought. Well prepare!” Student, Abu Dhabi

“I was very satisfied with the program, I learned new things that will make me ready to take a job. I’m so thankful that you improved my CV and LinkedIn page. Thank you so much” Student, Abu Dhabi

“It was really good the way you taught us to overcome our fears and be prepared for our dream work. The most beneficial workshop I attend it recently” Student, Abu Dhabi

“The session was helpful and it increased my knowledge in jobs and CV, I know now my weaknesses thanks to you for sure, I clearly know that I have to improve” Student, Abu Dhabi

“This was my first time taking 7 hours training course in this format and it far was beyond expectations. I did not feel those 7 hours pass by, as both Kim & Shelly did a great and wonderful job” Student, Abu Dhabi

“I really like how the workshop is designed. They don’t just teach but provide help with CV’s and interview techniques. Would highly recommend it to a friend. I feel less nervous applying for jobs now” Student, Abu Dhabi

“It is very useful course for the students who are going to graduate” Student, Abu Dhabi

“I learnt valuable info regarding interviews, mindset and LinkedIn that I wasn’t aware of and they were a real eye opener” Student, Abu Dhabi

“The employability course has taught me the most important skills that a person must have before getting a job and how you should prepare yourself professionally for the interview. I will definitely recommend the course for my friends” Student, Abu Dhabi

“One of the best courses I’ve been through, I believe that my ability of searching for jobs has become better. The way how the course lets you find your point of strength and discovering yourself is amazing” Student, Abu Dhabi

“I feel sorry for everyone that missed the course!” Student, Abu Dhabi

“The course will undoubtedly give any fresh graduate an upper hand when applying for jobs. The instructors are absolutely competent an very supportive too” Student, Abu Dhabi

“I just very happy that i learned new things in this course, it helped me a lot to build my confidence” Student, Abu Dhabi

“Rarely do I enjoying studying especially if it is an additional course that requires you to stay late and work harder than the normal days. I am glad to say that the XEED Employability Program is one of the few courses that I actually enjoyed a lot. It surpassed my expectation by quite a margin. The study material gave me an insight of how to improve my employability skills that traditional classes don’t. The tutors were excellent and helped me to strengthen my weaknesses. I felt like it was tailor made for me. I would recommend this course to any person who wants to stay ahead of the competition and land their dream job. In fact, I have already recommended it to my friends and peers. Believe me; it is worth the time and money.” Student, Abu Dhabi

“Through this workshop, I developed more skills, and feel more confident about myself. I feel I will definitely do great work, as the workshop has taught me so many things about the work place. It was interesting and fun and has helped me with a better understanding about myself and the corporate world” Student, Abu Dhabi

“My experience with the training course was great as I got to learn new methods and tricks to find myself a suitable job. I find this training as a good platform to know about myself and the world outside” Student, Abu Dhabi

“I’m really grateful for the knowledge and experience I received through the workshop It has definitely boosted my confidence, and I feel more assured of getting a job when I graduate. Thank you!” Student, Abu Dhabi

“Being a fresh graduate for this coming year, this workshop helped me to get insight into interview technique and CV to face coming challenges without any fear and to be confident. And thanks for helping out with CV’s; it requires time and effort to help each and every one. Hope you will conduct workshops again in university and help young talented graduates!!! 😊Student, Abu Dhabi

“Excellent workshop, lots of interaction. Thank you for such a lovely workshop. I have learned a lot! THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!“ Student, Abu Dhabi

“This is the most beneficial course that I took because I learn a lot for example my CV was so weak before this course, I think now it’s much better and I am ready to send it from my future job. I would like to appreciate the trainer staff because I learned a lot from them.” Student, Abu Dhabi

“It is a great course that benefits me a lot. The tutors are very helpful and professional in reaching the knowledge” Student, Abu Dhabi

“I am grateful about joining the employability skills course. It was very helpful and I learned many new things. I think I am now well prepared to have a job” Student, Abu Dhabi

“The workshop was very beneficial and interesting; the tutors were fun, energetic and showed interest and enthusiasm. I highly recommend all graduates or people looking for jobs to attend such courses and workshops. I really enjoyed and benefited. Appreciated, many thanks” Student, Abu Dhabi

“I really enjoyed the course and I feel the motivation go on me very quickly. It was worth the time and I spent here. Also, I have learned new things that I am sure will help me get a job as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your efforts and time you gave it to revise our CV’s :-)” Student, Abu Dhabi

“It was my pleasure to meet such incredible tutors. So grateful for such an amazing experience! The teaching and learning was ABSOLUTELY STUNNING, simple and easy to learn” Student, Abu Dhabi

“I had been looking for work for 3 months and couldn’t find anything, I worked with Xeed, and within 3 days I had – employers calling me and secured my dream job within 2 weeks!” Student, Dubai

“Hi, Kim, Thank you so much for your support, dedication, and help with my employability package! The process was quick, dedicated, and extremely personable. The efforts of yours and the teams’ quick response made the experience seamless. The service you delivered was extremely personable, professional, and faultless. What I liked most was how you got to know me so quickly and your skills of transferring this into my profile – I was mindblown! I will be forever grateful for taking the stress and the pressure off and has given me the confidence to apply for roles and responsibilities outside my comfort zone. Thanks again” – Max S

“My experience with Xeed had been quite delightful. The process was fast and easy. Most importantly the coaching session with Kim was quite impressive as she explained the points clearly and addressed the queries too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this service to others in future” – Ritika G

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