“I believe this course was an essential stepping stone to the world of employability. I’d highly recommend it for every person employed or unemployed”

“A real-life’s struggle turned into an enjoyable experience”

“Everything was really perfect; I feel sorry for anyone that doesn’t get the opportunity to participate”


The Skills4Work programme & center offers a safe, secure & productive environment for clients to thrive in. We at Xeed Global are committed to providing support in the form of dedicated key workers who will help clients with CVs, applications, job search, interviewing, training, external referrals, and ongoing support in the workplace along with tailormade action plans and client-specific advice & guidance. Our one-stop shop solution helps unemployed adults who have found themselves out of work given the ongoing Covid Pandemic. Whether they need to improve their employability skills or reskill altogether, or for those who find themselves just out of work or in a sector no longer thriving.  We are here to help them to compete in a Covid competitive and continuously changing jobs market. We will help clients use their existing skills, transferrable skills and upskill them, we will offer all the support & guidance they need to tackle the challenging employment landscape. The Xeed Skills4Work programme & center offers a safe, secure & productive environment for clients to thrive in, aligning each client that walks in through the door with what 96% of employers are looking for and making them 3x more employable throughout their time with us through our scientifically proven methods.

Skills4Work includes access to our employability qualifications, and so much more. We have created a service model that we hope will help us on the road to recovery. Ultimately, we are here to help with whatever a client may need. Truly being an end to end service. The programme is available as standard face to face and due to Covid precautionary measures the programme has been adapted to be available online where required.


Assigned to a specific key worker for guidance – We offer advice, support and guidance through the duration of your journey into employment and once employed. Action plans will be put together to support your specific needs and given the tools to overcome any specific challenges. These action plans will form the basis of your one to ones.

Access to local support – Access support to manage health conditions, debt, personal/professional barriers. We will help you access the right support at the right time.

Develop new skills – Improve your skills to compete for work (employability training) and access to technical skills training courses.

Transferring your skills – If you want to change industry or are finding your sector doesn’t have the same level of demand post pandemic, we can help you develop your existing skills and set you up with work experience to help you move into a different profession.

Recruitment – Through relationships with local partners and employers we will help you prepare for interviews, find you a suitable job and even help you set up your own business by giving you access to the right support.

Measured support – Progress will be measurable and measured by BESTest – The Employability Diagnostic Test prior to starting and along the way, so that you have a clear indication of what areas of your employability need improving throughout your journey. You will also have weekly targets on job search and number of interviews secured, which will ensure accountability.

Access to eLearning material: You will be able to access all the training material and eLearning material from home in order to extend your learning in the comfort of your own home.

We also offer:

  • 8 employability training workshops (one per week to be attended in groups)
  • Weekly121’s with an allocated key support consultant
  • Access to work space and bookable laptops for job searching
  • Access to training rooms
  • Career mapping & guidance
  • CV support and completion
  • Mandatory weekly job search hours
  • Weekly job search & interview targets
  • Certificate of attendance on completion of training


  • Tried and tested Lifelong Employability Training & Career Planning System
  • Working with established providers who are specialist in their fields, NCFE & CareerWave
  • We are the number one provider of employability training services in the UK and UAE with a programme specifically aimed at unemployed adults
  • We offer an all-inclusive package comprised of workshops, a qualification, off-site skills training, computer access, testing, guidance in groups & 121 and eLearning resources
  • We have been able to adapt to the Covid 19 pandemic and offer our training services & support via an online video link when required
  • We through our partnerships have 170 years’ experience in upskilling and training
  • We are comprised of specialist business units and partnerships dedicated to providing high quality and innovative products, services & solutions
  • We have the concept of mindset embedded into the programme we offer, which is scientifically proven to make learners 3x more employable
  • We work with industry professionals to review and survey current employment trends and understand exactly what employers are looking for at any given time
  • We work with and hire local labour market experts as key workers
  • We only hire key workers that have industry, recruitment and coaching experience
  • We offer secure logins for clients and have 100’s of eLearning resources free of charge
  • We offer a flexible service at affordable & competitive prices
  • We offer both short- and long-term programmes for those requiring extended support
  • We offer practical style workshops as part of the programme with an internationally recognized qualification
  • We offer personalized certificates at the end of each of our programmes
  • We offer 121 careers advice and guidance on an ongoing basis
  • We work with employers as part of the programme to offer learners real-time experience
  • We offer tailor-made solutions specifically targeted to unemployed adults
  • We offer a psychometric test (BESTest – Employability Diagnostics Test) that measures the effectiveness of the course and an individual’s progression
  • We offer unmatched quality through our dedicated quality assurance managers
  • We have a proven track record with 97% of clients surveying our employability programme as outstanding and hold a 100% satisfaction record
  • We offer outstanding support through our dedicated training, operations, pre and post-sales staff, which includes monthly reviews with a fast, friendly & personalized service
  • We offer a centre which is inclusive of an employability training programme that has been used worldwide to get the unemployed back into work
  • We offer a full-service delivery model including skills training, employability and recruitment services
  • We ensure clients leave with the hard and soft skills required to go and find employment now, and in the future – lifelong learning
  • We are focussed on combating the economic effects of Covid 19 and get those who lost their jobs back into work
  • We offer a competitive edge and advantage against those that have not undertaken the programme
  • We offer access to the local and international job market
  • We work with you to align with the government’s vision through a fully integrated programme & service offering

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