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The Xeed Academy specialises in delivering the Study Enrichment Programme which is a combination of employability skills workshops and an employability testing /diagnostics tool which gives learners their starting point of employability skills before the course and after the course is completed. This in turns makes our course the world’s first measurable by distance travelled employability programme. The course has been delivered successfully in the UK for 8 years and now we are successfully delivering the programme in the UAE over the last 3 years to private universities and to government institutions.

Being ready for the workplace is extremely important if you want to succeed in your chosen career. Whether you are about to start work experience or go on an internship, volunteer or full-time employment, there are things you can do in preparation to make the transition easier

The importance of preparation should not be underestimated; Athletes do it, sports teams do it, airline pilots do it, professional speakers do it, musicians do it. Successful people do it.

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